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Although we are most well known for our long track record of success at implementing stable IT infrastructures in biotech companies,  Clarke Consulting as a business focuses on technical problems which are broadly applicable to other industries. Some of the many industries we have served include:

  Biopharmaceutical/Drug Development
  Biomedical Devices
  Online Retail and Hosting
  Legal Services
  Venture Capital

We engage with clients in a variety of ways, from fixed fee and hourly consulting projects to monthly service agreements, including on-site outsourcing.



We provide IT service that supports your core business, without long-term commitments or the headache of recruiting, training and retaining full time staff.  Clarke Consulting recruits, hires, and trains its staff locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.   All of our recruiting and training is focused on delivering the best customer service experience possible, and as a result our System Administrators blend-in and work seamlessly with their client companies.   Our senior staff members have years of experience managing IT infrastructures, in both cloud and on-premise datacenters. We have worked with small "virtual" companies, large corporations spanning the entire globe, and every size company between.   We are experienced with a variety of corporate phases, including rapid growth, planned stable maintenance, efficiency and cost-cutting efforts, and "keep-the-lights-on" approaches.



Clarke Consulting was founded by Matthew W. Clarke in 1997, and since that time has provided IT systems integration and consulting services to hundreds of San Francisco Bay Area businesses.   Mr. Clarke holds a degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, and has over 25 years of experience as a technology consultant and advisor to the Biotech Industry.

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